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Before After

The Mirror-culous Finish of PPS Sealant



The following reviews are re-printed from New Sunday Times' Cars, Bikes & Trucks magazine dated 19th June 2005, 4th September 2005 , 14th August 2005 and 11th December 2005 respectively :-

1st Application Test Result ( 1/2 PPS - R/S, 1/2 Waxed L/S)

3 months after application results (1/2 pps and 1/2 waxed)"

The following further explanation and picture on the right are added on by us

The Alfa Romeo 155 test car's bonnet was half waxed (Driver side) and half treated with PPS coating in early June 2005 to see the different finishes of both sides after treatment and the immediate results show that the PPS coated side was more lustrous (the colour is deeper) smoother and shinier (look much wetter) than the other waxed half.

The same test car was brought back again to us by its owner after 3 months on the road without any further treatment to its bonnet and when we washed down the car with clear water the waxed half shows that the water stays on and covers the whole bonnet in the form of sheeting (completely no beading) and the water is only slowly running off at the lower edge (sea arrow). This proved that the wax has melted and totally washed off by rain and detergents and it now offers no protection to the paint. Whereas on the PPS coated half the water has all run off and only a handful of water in the form of droplets or beads are still floating on the bonnet, hence, it proves that the PPS coating is still intact and as good as the very first day when the PPS coating was done as even the water still does not stick to it and therefore still protecting the paint.


  6 Months after Application Results (Full PPS) and 6th Month PPS Cleaning Result.


12 Months After Application of PPS Teflon Coating Results

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Comparison Chart

See the durability of PPS, wax, silicone and other paint sealants.
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Why PPS is Different

And why is PPS different from all paint sealants on the market?
It has endurance when none of the others do!

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Laboratory Test

Not even 150 washes with detergent could impair the effectiveness of PPS coating. 
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Patent Rights

Patent No. 5,081,171 awarded by the U.S. Government. 
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More Testimonials & Approval - Certificates

See the actual written & signed testimonials, approval and recommendations by the U.S. Navy and airforce, reputable car dealerships, aviation industry, corporations & individuals. 
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See the cars, boats, airplanes treated with PPS.  
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* The warranty is applicable to cars done by us or our authorised dealers only and subject to terms and conditions.

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