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The Polarized Paint Protection System (PPS)

  • The world's only patented polarized paint protection system awarded a US patent (No. 5,081,171)

  • Any other similar sealants without the PPS logo and patent number is a fake and not the real thing. BEWARE !

WHY PPS sealant can provide the ultimate protection and the showroom shine for your car paint for years to come. Because PPS sealant is not a wax of any kind but a PTFE (Teflon) coating (the same substance that makes non-stick cookwares so slippery and tough that nothing will stick to it  and will not crack or melt under extreme temperature) that will fuse and bond to the paint with U.S. patented PPS technology to create a dazzling, wet and deep shine and will stay and remain there to protect the paint against the damaging UV sunray and all other harmful elements for years. Our PPS sealant will also help to fill up the tiny paint pores, crevices and hairline cracks and smooth out uneven paint surfaces and swirls.

Our patented PPS technology is the only permanent protection coating system currently available in the whole world. The PTFE (Teflon) coating is one of the slipperiest substances known to man and it is this slick substance that repels dirt like crazy. The water will always float on the paint surface in the form of beads or water droplets and roll off the surface instead of sheeting off as the treated surface is so slick and gloss that not even water will stick to it.

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