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The PPS patented process is the only system that has been engineered to permanently preserve the painted surface by fusing PTFE resins (Tefton) to the paint. PPS Technology is a sealant that uses high quality and durable acrylic elements. Each ingredient has its own function and enhances the others in the overall finished product.

The conglomerate is designed to fill the pores with unique PTFE plasticizer. This forms a barrier that prevents penetration of any elements. The dimethoxysildimethylaminoethylaminoprpoyl polymer and methyltrimethoxysilanes allow the total formula to plate, fuse and crosslink. This product gives the depth of shine, durability, corrosion protection, spot resistance and excellent detergent resistance.

Phenylproplsilsesquioxanes is the protector of all the others already in place. It is an acrylic which when fully cured is a hard durable, antistatic, transparent, protective layer and gloss enhancer

The PPS Technology called electrophoresis dynamics is analogous to the "bar magnet" principle that opposite poles attract. To allow this to happen a special patented surface preparation is part of the system.
In the preparation a solution of cationic (positive) surfactant (our step 1 wash) is used to purge the pores of the surface to be treated, and magnetically charge the surface in a positive polarity. The pores are cleansed and charged and are ready to receive the unique anionic or negatively charged molecules of polytetrafluorothylene (Teflon) (our Step 2 protectant) and when applied over positively charged painted surface it is magnetically pulled into the pores and held there while all of the protective chemicals have crosslinked, fused and cured, locking the PTFE into the paint and preventing drifting, fading and degradation of the paint for years to come. Solar heat will expand the PTFE molecules to give even further protection. Only PTFE formulated in an anionic aqueous solution can properly and permanently bond to and seal the paint. Other forms of PTFE available in the market will not be effective for the long term protection as claimed.
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