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  1. Provides much superior and longer protection than all waxes silicones and other normal sealants.

  2. Makes your car paint look wet, slick and just wax condition whole year round.

  3. It can be easily apply without hard polishing and D.IY. in about an hour if you car paint is clean.

  4. Lasts for years instead of few weeks for even the best waxes, silicones, polyethylenes, ploymers and resins.

  5. One time treatment, no further applications (unlike other products) required.

  6. Maximum protection against UV sunray (which causes oxidation and discoloration), corrosion, acid rains, industrial fallouts, chemicals, road tars, bird droppings, tree saps and etc.

  7. High resistance against detergents and will not wear off easily with each washing. Our independent lab test proved that it stands up to 150 washings without deterioration. (See lab. test)

  8. Saves you time, money and elbow grease by eliminating waxing your car again and again.

  9. Washing is a breeze as you can just hose off whatever dirts stick on your car without hard washing.

  10. Protects the new car's paint surface up to 5 years and the used car's with good paint surface up to 3 years.

  11. 100% safe on all painted surfaces, clear coats, fiberglass and gel coats.

  12. No problem with re-painting unlike silicone based sealants.

  13. Stable under extreme temperature ranging from 536F to -328F so it has no problem protecting your car paint whether it is exposed to extremely hot or extremely cold temperature.

  14. Possess anti-adhesive properties that repel dirts like crazy.

  15. Non-combustible and has a very low conductivity of heat so your car will stay cooler under hot temperature.

  16. Absolute resistance during long stay in water as such water will not wash it off.

  17. Extremely low friction co-efficient that helps to reduce wind drag.

  18. Chemically pure and inert so chemical will not easily affect its effectiveness.

Note  :

To know more about the outstanding properties and advantages of Teflon (PTFE) please click this LINK

Teflon is a registered trademark of E.I. Du Pont de Nemours & Co. Inc


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